House Warming

It is done! I have made the move from wordpress to blogger (sorry wordpress).

My new blog is at :

I started a tumblr (for random moments):

And I’m at

Plus I’m at bloglovin’:

Please follow me at my newer, bigger ‘house’!

Mad Love,


Ps. I may keep this blog for future purposes (perhaps when I stop obsessing over appearance controls). Maybe. Who knows?



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News, News, News

I haven’t updated since I decided on moving over to blogger. Although so many things have happened between posts (prom, dry grad, grad trip, shopping shopping shopping), I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it here or later, on my new blog.

If I post them here, I’ll have to move it later to blogger. If I post them there… well that’ll take a while.

I’m working hard on creating the *perfect* layout for my new blog on blogger. However… that’s taking quite a long time. I’ve done a couple looks but I’m just not happy with them. Plus my photoshop is acting weird.

So! um… I’ll just do a recap of photos? !~!


Dry Grad!

(Sorry it’s so lame and blurry. My camera hand was tired by 2AM)

Pledge to Not Tan: Photo booth!

Sunshine Coast Grad Trip with 4 of my bffs! <3
(Me in my makeshift PJs. Forgot my PJs at home so I had to wear my TNA tank <3 and my handmade gr.8 boxers)

(To prove that I can camwhore like a pro… and that I wore stuff besides PJs on my trip)

(My artsy shot at Davis Bay. I love logs. They’re so unique in experience and appearance.)

And that concludes today’s post! I will go in detail about those events and future events after I finish designing my site on Blogger.

Wish me speed and luck! <3

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Moving Blogs?


WordPress won’t let me PERSONALIZE my blog beyond the “upload header and background” and “add widgets”. I can’t upload my own layouts or even do something as basic as change my font size for free. Yes, to be able to change font sizes, I need to pay.  >:(

Possible Solution:

Pack my posts and move to Blogger (blogspot), where they pretty much let you do what you want for FREE.

Problem with Possible Solution:

Blogger’s interface is not as clean and user-friendly as WordPress.

Plus, I barely remember html and css. T_T

I don’t want to end up like that OK?


What should I do?  o_O

btw: photos from fotolia. Thanks Soyconfessions for the free 2 week subbie <3

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