My Hairdresser, My Hero

I know I said that this post was going to be about my manicure/nail polish review, but THIS has to come first. Really. I promise I’ll blog about what I’m suppose to right after this. Right after I take a shower. :P

The last time I got a haircut was a week before christmas. My usual hairdresser started working at a new place and me being lazy, decided against calling and asking (which would’ve been so much easier and smarter) and instead, followed my friend to her hairdresser. Her hair seemed OK and she said it was cheap. So I was like “Score! We can go eat Pho afterwards!”

Yada yada, long story short, we got lost about 2.5 times before finally making it to her salon. Then, her hairdresser proceeded to straighten my hair, cut it, and charge me $18 within 15 minutes. Duude, that was less than the time we took to find her place. =___=

At that time it looked OK and I totally <3ed my new blunt bangs.

It looked pretty good lah. But it really only stayed that beautiful for one day because she straightened it. After I washed my hair, it never became that pretty :(

After that I was busy busy busy with school and didn’t go get a haircut until today. I figured, ‘Prom is in June. I better get a haircut now to allow it breathing time to look perfect’.

Thank freaking god I went. Somehow, between the last time I saw her (which was over a year ago) and now, half my hair DIED.

Hairdresser noticing problem before cutting:


So somehow, half my hair was cut well while the other half had this weird layer thing. My best friend Helen, who got her hair cut with me today, said it looked like yin/yang (“OMG Nancy! It’s like.. half your head has hair while the other half doesn’t!). =___=

To fix that problem, I’ll need to cut off at least FIVE inches, which of course, leads to another problem. How the F*ck am I going to get big pretty curls in time for Prom???

We decided to cut off 3 inches today and 3 more after prom.

Here’s the fixed picture:

The "fixed" hair.

Much better but still needs work. Will fix all of it after prom.

After the haircut, she did this sparkly string thingy in our hair. It’s a new product. :)

Purple strands in Helen’s hair:

Pretty sparkly strands!

You know what the best part is? The cut+strand only costed $15! In the end, not only did I kill my hair by going to another hairdresser last time, I also wasted money and time. FML.

Lesson here? Laziness leads to bad hair. For the safety of your precious locks, don’t be lazy! >.<

EDIT: I noticed in my “problem” picture, I screwed up the grammar by using ‘was’ twice. I’m too lazy to re-edit that photo so…enjoy! =P


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4 Responses to My Hairdresser, My Hero

  1. Helen says:

    i love it nancy. hope someone will never see this blog

  2. mimi says:

    Wow O_O hahahahahah. I actually thot ur hair looked rly good the last times I saw u. Didn’t notice the erm half-dead hair at all.

    Ur friend’s purple strands look cool.

    And dun worry u can get extensions for prom for the big curls :DDD

    • harukaai says:

      Extension are expensive :( and I’m a cheap little girl :) It’s already going to cost me around $35 for the curls and $15 for the silver strands. D:

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