My Mani Steps and Review for Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Nail Polish!

I was going to post this yesterday, really, I was. But my Dad called me to watch my favourite chinese dating show and I got really really distracted? So it’s really all my Dad’s fault. =P

Wow. That was a lot of “really”s. o_O

First: My manicure procedure. :)

It’s not really that different from your standard mani I think.

Before anything, start off with freshly clipped nails. I like to cut almost square-shaped nails. (I bit them too much back in elementary school =___=)

Then, the fun begins!

The Tools:

1) Take the nail file and file to shape nails into desired shape (oval, square…).

My almost finished nails! Just need to clean them. :)

2) Put some catchy songs on a playlist and turn the volume up!

3) Sing along with the songs while soaking nails in the sink. Make sure the water is very warm. Add some scented oils if you like. I normally soak them for about 10-15 minutes.

La la la la la~~

4) Dry nails and start pushing cuticles back! Scrape away the dead skin and clean under the nails (if there are still dirt underneath. There really shouldn’t be. o_O). DON’T CUT CUTICLES!!! Cutting cuticles makes it easier for your fingers to catch some weird infection. Cuticles are there to protect you. :)

5) Rinse off the dead skin and other gross stuff. >.< Pat dry with a towel.

6)Use the smoothing side of the buffer to roughly smooth nail (oxymoron. haha…). Don’t smooth too much if you plan to paint afterwards. Leaving nails a little bit rough makes nail polish more long-lasting. :)

7) Rinse nails again. Pat dry with a towel.

8) Apply nail color! I normally apply 2 thin coats.

9) Wait until finger nails dry and then clean up the messy parts with a q-tip and nail polish remover.

10) Optional: Add on bling! I’m too lazy to do mine today. haha

Finished! (Side note: This colour matches EVERYTHING. My walls, pen, Helen’s itouch case…)

Haha. Now on to the review!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Drying Nail Color


– Flat brush allowed for fast painting.

– Wide range of pretty colours

– Decent drying speed (around 5 minutes for every coat)


– Must constantly wipe off LOTs of excess polish after each dip. The flat brush can contain a lot of polish which if not wiped off, will glob all over fingers!

– Streaky, especially on the first coat.

– Normally costs around $7 in B.C. (I got mine on sale for $3.99).



It would’ve been an awesome five if it weren’t so streaky and globby.  Sometimes, I don’t wipe off enough excess and it just GLOBS over my nail and finger.

I maybe recommend it if you absolutely <3 a colour and the polish is on sale. This is not a product worth paying full price for. :(


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2 Responses to My Mani Steps and Review for Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Nail Polish!

  1. mimi says:

    I actually have 3 sally hansen nail polish but they’re the “hard as nails” kind, not insta dry. I bought this mint sherbet colour in the states and its soooo pretty I rly like it :D also I think its cheaper than the insta dry kind muahaha. U know I’m cheap lol.

    I liked ur tutorial :D I’ve nvr had a mani before -_- uve seen my nails.. They’re pretty bad hahah. I usually just glob stuff on and if it goes onto my fingers I just ignore it -____-

    • harukaai says:

      I have a bottle of hard as nails too! I have it in dark blue. The staying power is AMAZING! And it was cheap too (got it for like.. $1 on boxing day).
      Come over during the summer and we’ll do manis together LOL and sing haha

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