Romance Definition?

Short post here.

I just finished watching saturday’s JSTV If You Are The One, a popular chinese dating show. The second contestant said something that interested and annoyed me.

This guy, surname Gen, claimed that he is very romantic. His repertoire of Romantic actions consisted of the following:

#1 Sneak into the girl’s classroom to leave a rose in her table drawer. Apparently, everyone knew it was him because only he had the kind of wild courage (translating and paraphrasing here).

#2 Sing a love song to her in front of hundreds of people during a singing competition.

#3 Go to the ocean, call her while running into the sea, and tell her “I love you” with the rolling of the deep blue as background music.

#1,2,3 are all geared towards the same girl. Nevertheless, he failed.

Now, personally, if I were the girl, I would reject him as well. I don’t believe he was very romantic. Call me what you want but I believe that since romance is between two people, anything considered remotely romantic should happen when both persons are present.

If I were him:

#1 I would deliver the rose to her face-to-face and tell her why she is the love of my life. The problem with his way is that it is so juvenile. It, to me, is a better way of inciting gossip than love.

#2 I would make sure I know where she is standing (as opposed to just singing to the crowd) and say her name. I would then walk off the stage towards her, hold her hand while singing to her. After singing, I would tell her I love you, with the mike off (it’s between you and her! Don’t let others in on this special moment!!!).

#3 Instead of doing it his way, I would drive/ride/take the car/bike/bus to see the girl. Then I would convince her to go with me to see a surprise ( if you’re close enough to know her phone number, she obviously doesn’t dislike you that much). I would bring her to the ocean, capture her hand, and pull her into the ocean together. Then, I would turn to face her and say, “I love you”, while staring deeply into her eyes, holding her hands.

The main difference between  his and mine approach is that mine is more personal. Yes he does all those things, but they feel so distant, so cowardly, and so unbelievably phony.

Like dude, there’s never going to be any chemistry unless you walk up right next to her to heat things up.

Romance can be as simple as breathing, as long as you and I are together.

Ps. I lied. That was a rather long post. :)


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5 Responses to Romance Definition?

  1. Mimi says:

    Honestly.. if a guy did these three things for me.. I’d laugh… it’s just so.. fake? Obviously he doesn’t know the REAL way to get to a girl’s heart lol. Maybe he watches too many dramas or something, but no real girl would go out with a guy who would rather call her while standing next to the sea to say “i love you” than say it to HER FACE.

    I agree with your choices waaay more hahah.

    I’ve never watched that show before! Is it on the chinese channel?

    <3 <

    • harukaai says:

      I’m not sure if it’s on the chinese channel. but it’s on the internet! Just search JSTV if your the one streaming. or something like that. I loooove Le Jia. He is amazing XD You should go watch it!!!

  2. Mimi says:

    ^ Whaaaaat?! WordPress cut me off lol. After my second heart! Waaah. Oh wells:

    I wish you luck with your skincare routine as well!!! We’re both gonna look amazing for prom!!

  3. Mimi says:

    Aaah that’s actually pretty lucky.. you’ll have glowing gorgeous skin by then hahah. AAAND your hair will be long and luscious :D

    Kaay I will def search it up heheh. My friend showed me this Korean variety show which I also rly like called “Running Man” lol. it’s funny.

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