Taking Chances=Self Discovery

I’m not a fan of Math. Really. I’m not sure if the equation “take chances=self discovery” really equal but I’m going to try to prove it.

Taking Chances=Self Discovery?

Ever since my friend, Sunny, and I started a pop band way back in Elementary, I knew I wanted to be somebody important. I want the world to know who I am and I want them to be awed by my awesomeness. So dum dum dum… Grade 12 came whirling by and I was lost.

I think one of the worst feelings in the world is when self-identity is gone. Some how, some way, some time in high school, I became this 5’7 person who’s only important things in life is good grades and shopping. My identification was whittled down from AWESOME NANCY-NESS to student. STUDENT! So gross and ambiguous. I knew I had to do something.

I had to do something. I had to find out who I am. After debating with myself for ages ( seriously, I went back and forth and sideways), I chose to accept University of Ottawa’s (coined UFO by Sunny) undergraduate offer for political science.

This choice will take me to the other side of the country, to a place where everything and every person is new and unfamiliar. In a way, like me.

I’m going to take a chance and maybe, prove that taking chances does equal self discovery. :)


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2 Responses to Taking Chances=Self Discovery

  1. Mimi says:

    Awwe.. I have tears in my eyes (‘: I’m so proud of you Nancy. I think you’re one of the bravest girls I know. You better tell me everything that happens in Ottawa. I don’t wanna miss a thing. And just keep me updated. You’re going to make it, my love. Hopefully in four years from now, we’ll both graduate with a bachelor’s degree and we’ll reunite at the Van Fashion Week show (ALL OF THEM muahahah) or even.. New York’s! (:

    Maybe you can become a model… :D You’re def tall enough. Or just go to one of those Crystal Mall beauty pageants LOL. My grandparents keep asking me to try out but I’m like, “I’m too short… and I can’t even speak Chinese…” ==

    BUT you will be someone even better than a model, I’m sure. You’re gonna have the dream life you’ve wanted.. I believe that!!!


  2. harukaai says:

    Aww -watery eyes-
    We’ll go everywhere! And you can open your fashion store (if you want to open one lol) and … C=

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