And so we grad~

Last month was one of the busiest I’ve ever experienced.Not that I’ve experienced many I think (12mth x 18 yrs + 6mth = 222months experienced!).


In the first two weeks, I wrote 4 AP exams and 1 music theory exam.

In the third week, I played three pieces for a piano festival, scoring respectively 86, 84, 82. =___=”

In the last week, I started working on the last few projects of this school year! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh.. and in between that, I ate and shopped like crazy. Stress therapy you see… hehe

and OH! I GRADUATED. Yeah. FIVE YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL and I’m almost! OUT! wOOt <3<3<3<3

My sister and I! <3 (yes… Our school colour is maroon. XP)

I might do a haul video? sometimes after school is out. *excited* I haven’t done one before… Kind of a noob at YouTube LOL.

PS. Anyone knows a faster way to upload high quality photos? Photobucket and WordPress are KILLING me with their turtle-ly slowness. >.<


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3 Responses to And so we grad~

  1. Mimi says:

    Hiyaaa ;D Congrats on grad! Our grad is still.. so far away. on the 27th D: Like wtf, Langley schools? Why you so slow?

    (I rly wish I could go to the sunshine coast w/ you too.. >< sigh)

    You did so well on your piano pieces! && yupyup your month sounded so busy.. even to me lolol.

    You and your sis are so cute (: She looks so grownup now!

    I actually just use Blogger for photos, and then Tinypic for small banners and stuff. But I don't like both =_=;;

  2. Mimi says:

    Can’t wait for your haul vid!!! Heheh.

  3. harukaai says:

    LOL thanks. Wish you can come to sunshine coast too! We can dress up, take photos, and blog about it haha. DITCH GRAD CEREMONY!!! Jk… maybe… I’m not really sure how to do a haul vid… Help meee LOL

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