I won an award!

Yay! The amazing Mimi gave me THIS award:

I am an amazing blogger! -basks in glittery glory-

I am super honoured, especially since I am a new blogger. I will continue to blog consistently and interesting-er-ly! <3<3<3<3<3 -happy dance-


Cat or dog?
Dogs ALL THE WAY MANNN. Because they can do tricks? lol. I just like them better. JUST BECAUSE.
True love or the ability to live forever?
Hm.. toughie. Does that mean I experience true love and then die? OR I’m already dead and is experiencing true love? OR I don’t experience true love but I have the ability to live forever in the form of a ZOMBIE?
OK I’ll stop being annoying… XP
I think, since to live a true life, I have to try to experience as much as possible. Love is so damn integral to living. If I’m just going through the motions (breathe eat drink sleep repeat), then that’s not truly living. That’s pulling a Kikyo (Inuyasha) and one creepy-soul-eater thingy is enough for me. No need to join that club.
Being blind or deaf?
ARGH I can’t decide!! Music is most definitely my biggest passion… but I’m such a scardy-cat I don’t think I can live without vision. >.<
I suppose if I were born deaf or blind, I would probably choose deaf. After all, I may have difficulty understanding people but at least they can’t lie to me. I’d become an expert at reading faces!
No TV or no computer?
NO TV! I can watch episodes on my computer. :)
2 hours of sleep or 48 hours of
48 hours of sleep! I do need to catch up on my zzzzzz’s.
No makeup or no breakfast?
No makeup. Duuude, I can’t live without breakfast. Besides, a bright, bare-faced smile beats makeup-laden hungry pout any day!
Cold shower or no shower?
Um… Cold shower I suppose. No shower just is.. icky.
To blog… or not to blog?
Obviously to blog! exercising my free will and all that.

et… j’ai fini!

I will be passing this award onto blogs I super<3 as well! (is that rather pretentious of me? since I’m super new and all that jazz? !~! )

Not sure if I can “award-back”, but I super <3 Mimi from Soy Confessions, Jane from Eye it Try it, and Chriselle from The Chriselle Factor!

You girls are super amazing and inspiring!

1. Accept? Y/N   -blushes-
2. Send it to other amazing bloggers that you love.
3. This or that? (Include reasons
and/or an explanation if necessary.)

Cat or dog?
True love or the ability to live
Being blind or deaf?
No TV or no computer?
2 hours of sleep or 48 hours of
No makeup or no breakfast?
Cold shower or no shower?
To blog… or not to blog?
Congratz again!

By the way… I really don’t want to end this post on a bad note… but the fact that certain Vancouverites have destroyed Downtown because we lost the Stanley Cup square and fair… Not cool people. We’re better than that! >.

Let’s all go to downtown to clean up over the next couple of days! We can all work together to restore our beautiful downtown and our wonderful shops! ( I was planning to do prom shopping dammit….)


Haruka (AKA Nancy)

Ps. Canucks! You guys played well. We know our weak spots now so let’s work hard to own next season!


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