Moving Blogs?


WordPress won’t let me PERSONALIZE my blog beyond the “upload header and background” and “add widgets”. I can’t upload my own layouts or even do something as basic as change my font size for free. Yes, to be able to change font sizes, I need to pay.  >:(

Possible Solution:

Pack my posts and move to Blogger (blogspot), where they pretty much let you do what you want for FREE.

Problem with Possible Solution:

Blogger’s interface is not as clean and user-friendly as WordPress.

Plus, I barely remember html and css. T_T

I don’t want to end up like that OK?


What should I do?  o_O

btw: photos from fotolia. Thanks Soyconfessions for the free 2 week subbie <3


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One Response to Moving Blogs?

  1. Mimi says:

    Blogger is def not as clean and sleek-looking but it’s a great host for blogs like ours :D we’re students.. w/o money to spare.. blogging SHOULD and MUST be free for us. I can’t believe wordpress charges you to change your font-size?! that’s crazy! D: and trust me when I say that the Blogger-world is MUCH bigger, and more interactive than the WordPress-world. Many, many bloggers like us use Blogger, and there’s a lot of commenting, and just generally easier Blog-stumbling (lol just made that word up) so you’ll always have new readers, AND you can easily read new blogs by clicking “Next” on the Navbar at the top of the page.

    And no probbb!!!! I was glad you got it lolol. I just wish we could download more than 3 pages a day… cuz some days I don’t use the comp and can’t download anything, and the next day, I’ll be online, and I wanna download MORE = =

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