News, News, News

I haven’t updated since I decided on moving over to blogger. Although so many things have happened between posts (prom, dry grad, grad trip, shopping shopping shopping), I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it here or later, on my new blog.

If I post them here, I’ll have to move it later to blogger. If I post them there… well that’ll take a while.

I’m working hard on creating the *perfect* layout for my new blog on blogger. However… that’s taking quite a long time. I’ve done a couple looks but I’m just not happy with them. Plus my photoshop is acting weird.

So! um… I’ll just do a recap of photos? !~!


Dry Grad!

(Sorry it’s so lame and blurry. My camera hand was tired by 2AM)

Pledge to Not Tan: Photo booth!

Sunshine Coast Grad Trip with 4 of my bffs! <3
(Me in my makeshift PJs. Forgot my PJs at home so I had to wear my TNA tank <3 and my handmade gr.8 boxers)

(To prove that I can camwhore like a pro… and that I wore stuff besides PJs on my trip)

(My artsy shot at Davis Bay. I love logs. They’re so unique in experience and appearance.)

And that concludes today’s post! I will go in detail about those events and future events after I finish designing my site on Blogger.

Wish me speed and luck! <3


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One Response to News, News, News

  1. Mimi says:

    I wish you speed and luck! Can’t wait to see ya new blog layout and stuffs. And I’m sure “” is not taken cuz it’s such an unique name!

    You look gorgeous in all these photos :O So jealous arghhh! :P

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