Most <3ed Links

Here are the links to my most <3ed blogs!

#1 Even though she’s a Blogspot-er haha, my sister-from-another-mistah inspired me to create my own blog. Her blog “Soy Confessions” is amazing. She blogs about life, fashion, music, and so much more.

A MUST SEE. Click here to see my lovely bestie, Mimi, at Soy Confessions!

#2 Because I  would choose her job if I could live two lives, Chriselle’s fashion blog make me mustard with envy.  Chriselle Lim is a LA fashion stylist. Her blog showcase her work (fashion shoots, editorials, and more!), her advice on upcoming trends, and her inspirations.

Be INSPIRED BY CHRISELLE. Click here to view the Chriselle Factor!

#3 Makeup Makeup Makeup! I <3 Phyllis’s “Make up For Life” blog! Her FOTDs, trend reports, and makeup reviews are amazing and very useful.

SAVE MONEY AND READ MUFL! Click here to read Makeup For Life!

#4 Her deelish posts make my stomach rumble. “Eye It Try It” is a healthy food blog by Jane, Chriselle’s sister. Her yummy recipes can make even the laziest cook (me) to long for the kitchen.

Eat HEALTHY WITH JANE. Click here to experience Eye It Try It!

3 Responses to Most <3ed Links

  1. Mimi says:

    Awwwweeeeeeee that is so sweet!!!

    .. I’m speechless lol

    How did I end up #1?! Chriselle’s much cooler and stylish and well-dressed and has the LIFE we’ve always wanted.. LOL.

    And I’ll go to Jane’s blog but honestly.. I don’t eat healthy.. At ALL. I don’t even eat veggies.. I used to drink V8 for replacement veggies but I don’t even do THAT anymore.. Mehhhh. But I’ll go take a look and see if I do get hungry by looking at healthy food LOL.

    LOVE <3

  2. Mimi says:

    Wow I am REALLY hungry right now O_O Looking at the deserts and the salad and the salmon and even the oat-cake-batter-thing… aughhhh gee THANKS NANCY. (;

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