About Your’s Truly, M.P.

Dear Reader,

At Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 Fall CollectionMP here, reporting to…. Blog. Muahahahahah. :)

There’s not much to know about me on the brief. I <3 music, fashion, politics, and go through random quirky phases.

I’m currently working on growing my bangs out (I’m half way there now!) because long hair is SEXY.

In Long? I’ll save YOU, dear Reader, the trouble by writing in incomplete sentences. See? That’s how much I <3 you all. ^^


  • Haruka Ai ( Jap. translation of my Chinese name) or Nancy Jiang or (mostly) Lil_angel101
  • A monolid-er (I have hidden double eyelids, which doesn’t really count as double eylids or single eyelids I guess. ^O^)
  • A soon-to-be Political Science UofO Undergraduate.
  • An aspiring anything (because I haven’t made up my mind yet as to what I’m going to be but when I do, I’m gonna be awesome youknowit)
  • A master procrastinator
  • A horrible speller and grammar-er
  • A loud and awkward unique all-around-person
  • A random blogger (NOTE: will blog ANYTHING and EVERYTHING under the moon. Open to suggestions as well ^v^
  • A complex and confusing individual that cannot be summed up by mere words (because I haven’t obtained THAT kind of amazing writing skills yet… if ever…)

And here’s some diagrams to further understand the complexity that is me:

My piano Idol, because he's cool like that.

If I had a mascot, Snoopy, you'd be my man!

So sue me, I love my fast food.

I don’t consider myself as a person good with words. Occasionally, I’d be struck by inspiration and blind people with my amazingness. Most of the times though,  they facepalm at my lameness.

I hope that dear Reader, you’ll enjoy my random posts from now and beyond (and beyond and beyond…). I strive to improve not only my grammar (a toughie), my interests, and my ability to “self-actualize”**.

I hope I haven’t lost you yet,

Haruka Ai ^^

**”self-actualize” is a term used by humanistic psychologist Maslow. Basically, it means to become the best ME possible.

Ps. Lame joke # 1: Who is the king of school supplies?


THE RULER! Muahahahahahahah. yeah. It was told to me by my cute little Kumon students Kaythxbai.

2 Responses to About Your’s Truly, M.P.

  1. Mimi says:

    I facepalmed.. at your joke -____-

    Jkjk! It was.. quite alright. I didn’t LOL. I .. giggled? But mostly cuz you told me it once before. And I sometimes don’t find jokes funny. I find situations funny. And sometimes people funny in general. But jokes.. I’m slow with em. :P

    Who’s Lang Lang?! LOOOL. I gotta google that guy up. You know.. classical musicians have the weirdest names: Yo Yo Ma, Lang Lang… yup that’s about all the classical musicians I know… /facepalm (again).

    You’re gonna be blogging abt your experience at UofO, right?!! RIGHT. Lol sounds like UFO. Like alien spaceships :P HAHAHA. Okay. Bye.. I’m gonna head over to another page :D

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